I live in Chicago with my wife, two wonderful children and my Sheltie, Linus. I have been fortunate to use all my experiences that I have had to increase my skills and persistance necessary to run a successful dog training business. From my Journalism degree and my experience studying with Jean Donaldson in San Francisco to living in a tent in Alaska for a summer combined with my professional career of graphic designer, art director, internet consultant and creative director -- they have all given me different skill sets to work with people and dogs. 

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Jeff Millman
Chicago Paws, LLC
Watch and Train, LLC



Besides my busy private dog training business, I also started an online website appropriately named Watch and Train. I am currently redoing the site, but you can still find helpful EBooks, training harnesses, and phone or email support.

I graduated in March of 2002 with honors from Jean Donaldson's on-site Academy for Dog Trainers founded in 1999 in San Francisco with the aim of providing comprehensive and leading edge education to dog trainers, behavior counselors and other companion dog professionals. Jean has since decided to move her academy online and started the Academy for Dog Trainers, to continue working with students all over the world online. 

A rigorous, positive-reinforcement, hands-on academy based on humane treatment of animals, learning theory and fact, the school has gained a reputation as the "Harvard for dog trainers." Jean Donaldson has written many amazing books that you can find on Amazon. 

Although after 10 years of instruction the founders of the Academy parted ways with the SFSPCA to new ventures, the experiences and knowledge gained at the Academy is something that I cherish to this day. Jean Donaldson is still considered an innovator and brilliant mind in the positive reinforcement dog training world. 

Thanks to my loyal, happy clients, I was the recipient of the 2004 1st Runner Up award in the category of Best Dog Trainer in Chicagoland Tails magazine. Considering all of the competition in this area, I am very proud of this accomplishment.


I attended two intensive Clicker Training seminars led by Karen Pryor, renowned animal trainer and behaviorist.


I'm a member of The APDT (Association for Pet Dog Trainers), a professional organization of trainers who seek to advocate positive reinforcement training by offering continuing educational opportunities for trainers, other animal professionals and the public. I have attended 5-day seminars in Portland, Oregon; Orlando, Florida; and Oakland California.

The success I made for myself in my previous career as a consultant, culminating in work as a Creative Director at Inforte, helped hone my client service skills and creativity to solve problems and produce results. I provided internet direction for clients across the U.S. More important, that success allowed me to follow this dream of a life devoted to strengthening the bond between people and dogs. Through first-hand experience I also appreciate people's busy schedules and strive to design a strategy to help you have a rich relationship with your dog within the confines of your busy schedule.


My undergraduate degree in Journalism and Fine Arts helped lay the foundation for solid research, setting and meeting deadlines, attentive listening and clear communication in both the written and visual form.